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Children Understanding Mental Health
Ka marama ngaa tamariki te ahuatanga o te mate hinengaroa

Supporting Children who live in the Presence of Mental Health Issues & Addicition

The well-being of family, whanau is vital for New Zealandf communities. People affected by mental health issues and addicition do not live in isolation. We are all part of communities with family, whanau, neighbours, work colleagues and friends. This programmme is designed to support children who live in the presence of mental health and addcition issues.The programme addresses  the needs of children (7 - 11 years old) by providing education and understanding of mental health and addiction issues. The programme uses activity based session which model ways for children to deal with their feelings about their situation. Designed to work in groups of 6-8 children, the benefits of working in groups are shared learning and reducing the sense of isolation.The focus is on activity based exercises that promote an understanding of mental health issues, build resiliency, provide opportunities to share experiences and help participants develop strategies for their wellbeing. 

Identification of Client Group

  • A child who has a close member of the family affected by either a mental health issue and addicition or both.
  • The identified group is children with a parent, sibling or close relative with a mental health issue and or addicition. Parent/caregivers will be informed of the programme.
  • Referrals can come from mental health services, primary health services, schools and other community agrencies and self referrals.

Assessment Interview

  • Meet with parents/caregivers to outline the programme and its objectives.
  • Answer questions.
  • Consent form signed.
  • Complete background information form, determine any specfic difficulties/issues the child might be dealing with.
  • From assessment interview information, it might be deemed more appropriate to refer the child to other services, this will be discussed with the parent/caregiver with permission given.
  • Paernt/caregiver advised that their child/ children are accepted into the programme.
  • Details of the programme given to the parent/caregiver. The parent/caregiver is then invited to attend the final session of the group.

If you know of a child/children in a family who consents to and who could benefit from the programme please contact us



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