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  Palmerston North Ph: 06 355 8561   |   Levin Ph: 06 368 6116   |   Dannevirke Ph: 06 374 8797


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Service Area

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Supporting Families in Mental Illness Manawatu district stretches across the North Island of New Zealand from the west to the east coast and is distinguished by the Tararua and Ruahine ranges that traverse the centre of the district.
MidCentral DHB’s district comprises the following territorial local authority districts:

  • Horowhenua district
  • Manawatu district
  • Palmerston North city
  • Tararua district
  • The Otaki ward of the Kapiti coast district


Supporting Families in Mental Illness Manawatu's population is over 158,000 people, and the majority live in Palmerston North City.  Around 14% of the population are aged 65 years or older.  Maori make-up 17% of MidCentral DHB's population.


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Our central focus is family and whanau:

We provide the highest quality support, advocacy, education and services for all people, and the community affected by mental illness and addiction.

Vision Statement

Flourishing, informed communities with acceptance of diversity.



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Key corner stone values:

People: Our key focus

Recover: Our key outcome

Skilled People: Our key resource

Community: Our key place in the world



 Support, Connected, Compassion, Dignity & Respect, Quality, Valuing Diversity, Inclusive, Strengths/ Solution Focused, Accessible.


Ethical Statement:

Manawatu Supporting Families believes that Family/ Whanau provide the greatest support to all people

affected by mental illness and addiction. We strive to build and sustain resilience in the whole family so that

they can flourish on their journey.

We will provide a safe environment built on trust, honesty, empathy and professionalism.

We are committed to listening to people, respecting people and providing them with opportunities,information and education.

We will be accessible, fexible and give reliable support in times of need and great difficulty.

We will walk alongside you and positively encourage and empower you to achieve wellbeing.


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Manawatu SF Objectives

Information and Publicity

  • Work with other central region agencies (through the national body if possible) to re-brand Schizophrenia Fellowship and promote the new face of the organisation (2007-2010).
  • Develop a comprehensive database and information gathering and outcomes-based system of measurement in order to track, record and monitor the organisation\\\'s performance. (2008-2009)
  • Develop, organise and publish a body of knowledge around the family-based recovery framework in mental health. (2008)
  • Be the prominent trainer and educational provider regionally for those learning about the family-based recovery framework in mental health. (2010)
  • Develop a digital strategy (including an MSF website) to provide information, video-based mental health recovery and support to mental health consumers. (2008-2009)
  • Information and Publicity

Staff Development

  • Identify key attributes that make MSF staff specialists, and provide opportunities for staff to be engaged in organisational development. (2007-ongoing)
  • Identify and source all training and educational programmes that will add value to the MSF method for staff members. (2007-ongoing)
  • Produce a graduated salary increase system based on levels of specialisation. (2007-ongoing)
  • Culture and Demographics

Culture and Demographics

  • Employ, target or train fieldworkers and board members who are specialised in Asian, Pacific, Maori and elderly mental health issues or have standing in their ethnic communities and ensure the adaptation of their knowledge to the MSF methodology. (2008-2015)
  • Stay abreast of all demographic and cultural shifts or trends that affect the Mid Central Health Region. (2007-ongoing)

Resources and Funding

  • Gather and process all funding information across a wide range of funding sources. (2007-ongoing)
  • Contract out expertise and training to Central Government Agencies and NGO\\\'s in the field of holistic, family-based mental health recovery framework. (2015-2020)

Mental Health Support

  • Target depression and other growth areas in mental health. (2007-2010)
  • Target families for early intervention and prevention through supporting them to recognise early signs and indirect contributors to mental illness. (2007)


  • Ensure consumer, Iwi/Maori, specialist staff and family participation in governance and management structures. (ongoing)
  • Investigate the need for governance structures to adapt to changing strategic direction of MSF. (ongoing)


  • Target stakeholders that will contribute to MSF developing knowledge and experience in growth areas. (2008)
  • Ensure alignment with Central Government Strategies and develop influence over Mid Central Health future direction in mental health. (ongoing)
  • Work with stakeholders to facilitate recovery through paid employment, education, vocational services and accommodation outcomes for mental health consumers and their families.

Glossary of Terms

  • adapter This is an organisation that finds its strategic advantage in its flexibility and its ability to meld quickly into changing circumstances. These organisations often adapt to the strategies set out by other organisations.
  • family Family is not limited to relationships based on blood ties, and may include: relatives, partners, iwi, hapu, the mental health consumer, friends and others in a support network and other non-relatives including flatmates, clergy, workmates, school friends and others who care about and support the person experiencing a mental illness.
  • family-based recovery practice The family-based recovery is the set of procedures, practices and styles that MSF employs to enable recovery. The family/whanau provides the support and is facilitated by MSF to become intimately involved in the recovery of their family member through fostering encouragement and understanding in the family/whanau.
  • holistic Holistic refers in this sense to the surrounding environment and all possible external factors that influence an individual\\\'s recovery.
  • recovery Recovery is not producing the absence of mental illness. Recovery is based upon empowering the mental health consumer to deal with their illness through the support and empowerment of their family/whanau. In this sense, recovery is about breaking down barriers to well being.
  • shaper This is an organisation that is in the position to actually alter the dynamics of the market or area in which it functions. These are generally powerful organisations, though other smaller organisations still have a part to play in shaping an environment.

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